Gel Tabs for Omega 3

By now, I hope all of you understand what are and how they help your body. How you can maintain a healthier body later into life giving you those retirement years of enjoyment you have looked forward to for all these years. I think it is really sad when someone has worked their entire life, put away money planning to spend time with their partner or friends during retirement only to die of a heart attack a short time after they retire. It is possible that if this person had taken omega 3 during their earlier years, the heart attack may not have happened.

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that we don’t want to avoid. It is important to get enough omega 3 daily. We live with such busy schedules that this can almost be impossible if trying to get omega 3 by eating the right foods. Many of us started avoiding eating fat when the doctors told us to cut back on meats and eggs to bring down our cholesterol.

I was about 10 years old when my dad was tested for cholesterol and triglycerides. He was found to have a count of over 300. They said it was caught just in time. Then my mother and us children were all tested. My mother was also found to have high cholesterol but us children test out just fine. That began our life of low fat everything. Turkey bacon replaced pork bacon. 2% milk became a regular at our house instead of whole milk. We were in with the pioneers of dealing with high cholesterol. Doctors were new at it. Our diets became too strict. Along with eliminating the bad fats, the good ones were eliminated too.

Something must have worked. Even though for awhile we didn’t get much omega 3 in our diet. We did go too far trying to eat the right foods. My parents are now turning 82. That is why I say something we did was right. I have found that my mother bought eggs from a farmer that the chickens ran wild. There was omega 3 in those eggs. We did eat a lot of tuna casserole. Again, we were getting omega 3. Even fish sticks have omega 3 in them and eating the ones from flakes of fish instead of minced parts is good. We also visited my grandmother on the farm a bit. She had milk that you had to scrap the fat off of the top before you could drink it. She got it from local farmers who let their cows roam the range. They lived on top of a mountain in West Virgina. Lots of land to roam on.

I have also found that my parents are taking gel tabs containing omega 3. They have been taking them for many years now. That is one reason I decided to do a lot of research on omega 3. I wanted to be sure I understood what my parents were taking and then, getting them to take enough of it.

I also take omega 3 gel tabs and watch my diet. I have quit eating all the types of foods that read low fat. Low fat usually means more sugar and salt. I do drink 2% milk, it is better for you. Don’t over do all the no fat and low fat products thinking that they are better for you. Instead, start watching and checking to see if items maybe have in them. I am seeing more and more of them appearing in the market place. If you are not able to get enough omega 3 from the foods you eat, be sure to take the gel tabs. If you eat salmon or other omega 3 rich foods on certain days, then don’t worry about taking the gel tabs on those days. You don’t want to over do a good thing.

Start your life off to a healthier life by adding omega 3. You will be happy you did. Get your family and friends started on their way to better health too. Spread the word. Omega 3 is a healthy fatty acid and an essential one.

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